Value Added Services

Core Services

Our one-stop, in-house facility services can save you time, money and hassle on managing multiple contracts and vendors.

Whether you need a single service for a subsidiary business or company-wide fully integrated facility services, we can customise building services to meet your current and future needs. With over 1,000 employees within our organization and a broad service scope, you can gain valuable assess to our talent pool and resources.

What is integrated facility management?

It refers to the integration of various single building services into one service to vastly improve functionality in the built environment. By integrating people, place, process, services and technology together, higher service value can be achieved.

How integrated facility services benefits your business:

  • Services show improved efficiency and excellence
  • Services are better tailored to customer needs
  • Synergy within services enables service roles to become well-defined and improves service coordination
  • Support is improved through effective management and coordination
  • Customers gain access to an experienced and qualified talent pool of over 1,000 employees.



  • Improvement in services provided
    Efficiency and service excellence

  • Synergies between service area
    well defined roles, allow cooperation and cooperation between services

  • Synergies between customers
    Customised to the need of the customers

  • Service support synergies
    Allow effective management and coordinating

  • Assess to talent pool
    Over 1500 employees within the organization

what is intergrated facility management?

It is the integration of single building services as one service to ensure functionality of the built environment. We value add by integrating people, place, process, services and technology together.